Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazy Bag Lady

Finally after 4 days of studying and being overwhelmed with things to do I had fun. As yesterday I finished my last final exam (YAY ME), and enjoyed a lovely dinner with my friends. 

The fun started with remembering the gabering (in English: dusty) old days with my Crazy Bag Lady, with taking pictures of the typical khaleeji girl (stereotyping much, but sadly it's true).

Crazy Bag Lady

Typical khaleeji girl wirh an LV and a Starbucks coffee 
(stereotyping much, but sadly it's true).

The first thing we did is looking through Amro Diab (The famous Egyptian singer) old songs, it will make laugh hard I garantee that :P aaaah the 90s it was an EPIC era :) 

Lovely looks from Amro Diab hahahah love this song. I remember how we use to dress up like gypsies because of this music video

My cousins and I used to memorize the dance steps of this song, and perform them whenever they play the music video on TV.

And I would like to dedicate this song by FUN. to my new assistant Crazy Bag Lady who you will see her and hear about her a lot in my future post.

Crazy Bag Lady
WELCOME to The Brunch House 


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