Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Face Cleansing

last week I went with my best friend to a make up workshop from Dr.Hauschka (a German skin care company that use organic resources and animal-free testing) held at Organic Food & Cafe (Seef Mall), and got a bite of their blueberry muffin it's such a guilt-free food love it. 

What cough my attention is How to wash your face in the morning and at night tutorial by Dr. Hauschka, as what I normally do when washing and cleaning my face is circle the soup hard and not press it like in Dr.Hauschka cleansing routines. 

Dr.Hausckha Morning Cleansing Routine 

Dr.Hausckha Bedtime Cleansing Routine

To be honest when I tried it with my dove soap (which I need to change soon to a new product I think I will try Pears) I felt more fresh and my skin was softer and smoother. 

So according to my experience I recommend you to try the routine using your own products as I honestly didn't try their product yet hopefully in the future I will. 



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