Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Great Gatsby (1974)

Yesterday my best friend and I wanted The Great Gatsby to know what's the buzz about it. Last week I download it the movie, and we marked our calendars for movie night. 

After two long hours, this is what we thought about it.. 

It wasn't a 10 start movie, but it was good because the full cast can ACT. That's the conclusion my friend and I came to, as well how boring was the 20s. 

When to watch? when you need inspiration about the 20s fashion and life style. but not when you are heart broken or bored. 

What I loved? the direction, the fashion (cloths, hair-dos), and ROBERT BEDFORD. 

What I didn't like? how bubbly was Daisy, and yes ALL the women in the movie except Jordan. 

"in the winter, in the summer
don't we have fun"



  1. I love the dresses! especially the last two! gorgeous

  2. I know they were the highlight of the movie :) :)