Monday, December 5, 2011

November Movies

Last November was the month of foreign movies, as all I watched was a hindi, japaness, and a french movie.

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011) -  hindi film 

Two university students who hate each other so much end up being forced to work on a project together.

Major Love: the songs, the fashion, new actors, awareness on how virtual social media tools effecting out lives, and dooo you wanna make FRAAAADSHIP
Major Hate: it's very westren.

De Vrais Mensonges (2011) - French film 

Emilie wants to change her mothers life and get her out of depression by sending her mother a love letter written for her by Jean.

Major Love: love letters, Sami Bouajila, Sometimes lies can find you the love of your life.

Paradise Kiss (2011) - Japanese film 

A typical high school girl who all what she does is studying to get accepted for the best university in Tokyo get scouted on her way back to home to be the model of a collection by 4 fashion designers students.

Major Love: fashion, storyline.
Major Hate: the photo shoots they were silly.

they weren't "a must watch" movies or anything but sure they made my november,



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