Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Symphony Edit: AW11

While visiting my friend at her workplace I got my hands on Symphony Edit: Autumn Winter 2011 from Symphony Boutique and fell in love again with another magazine (sorry ELLE UK but I think we should have an open relationship). 

Coming back to Symphony Edit I didn't have the time to read it as we had to leave for lunch.  However, I loved the topics and the editorial. And THANK GOD I can read it in their website, as it would be my gateway pleasure from studying ( I hate finals). 

Alaa Balkhy illustration I love her work, her blog is a must follow. She translated Charlotte Olympia quote to Arabic in the above image:
"The higher the heel the better."  

I love the statement about their favorite press coverage about their boutique 
"We don't mean to Brag. We don't mean to boast. But we're like hot butter on a breakfast toast"



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